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Oh Henry!

This weekend I became an aunt :D 

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that's GRAET

My dad is a really REALLY great person. Let me tell you why...

So Slasher is basically shot. His era is over. I'm sad to see him go but I've kind of been expecting it for the past couple of months. And really he could've died in a much worse place, at a much worse time. zonbiushi 's driveway was actually probably one of the better places for it to happen. And she is a really great person for saving my ass. Same with Thor. I  mean it's probably due to Thor's magic hammer and right arm (as well as his secret love for Slasher) that Slasher even lasted this long. Yesterday probably wouldn't have happened without them; it would have gotten sucked into oblivion. So thanks x98327973245234 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
And so now I get to start the process of looking for a new car since I have two jobs that I need to get to and unfortunately there isn't a good enough transportation system to help me do so. Here is where my dad comes in. Or really my step-mom I guess, because it was her idea. But anyway, they were talking and they both want to make sure that I have a car that will for sure run and that I don't have to worry about. This is what they are proposing: they would buy a new car (as in brand new, or just barely used). It would be inexpensive but it would have good gas mileage and it would be reliable. It would also be their's. They would choose the car. They would pay for the insurance, the upkeep and any other expenses that went into it. But I would drive it. I would pay for gas as well as a $50 payment each month. Then when I'm done with school I can choose to buy it from them at whatever value it has at the time. Or if I decide to move to Alaska and feel as though I don't need it, they will either keep it for themselves, give it to one of the other kids or sell it to someone else. 
There is one catch though: since it's one of his cars, it has to be kept clean. Considering the inside of Slasher was always a disaster (hee it rhymes XD) and I think I washed Slasher a total of ONCE in the four years that we've been together, this might prove to be difficult for me. BUT I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!
I can't even explain how happy this makes my kokoro. I was cringing just at the thought of having to pay for the tow truck and to have Slasher simply looked at. There was really no way I'd be able to afford getting Slasher fixed, much less buy a new car, no matter how cheap it was. And because of that any car that I bought would probably be kind of beat up and who knows how long that one would last me. So I am unbelievably grateful that I will not only have a really nice new car, but I won't even have to pay for it except for that $50 payment each month. I do kind of feel as though it's the easy (and spoiled) way out. Neither of my siblings got a new car while in school...well actually my sister did, but my dad also didn't help pay for her tuition. And that's why they want me to pay $50 a month, so that it'll be a little more fair, but still, as the youngest, I've definitely had it easiest. And I just feel like my parents can't keep saving my ass all the time. That feeling is kind of squashed though when I think of having to buy a car on my own, so I'll just happily accept the new car from my daddy XD (#firstworldproblems)
So the moral of this story is, that my dad and step-mom are really really REALLY GRAET and I'm getting a new car soon. YOOOOOOY :D

Homo arashiens

Today in bio we talked about the evolution of humans and I learned a new fact. We actually evolved from Arashi. We are indeed all made of sparkles and rainbows.

I mean they even have the correct age order and everything, though Jun and Nino should really be switched. But then we would all be fabbity princesses and I don't think we could handle an entire species of divas...not that brats are much better, I mean that leads to a lot of butt touching.


If his intention is for me to pay attention to what he's saying, my professor probably shouldn't use graphics like this in his lecture slides.

Do you think it's cuz we're awesome?

Once upon a time I was walking across the Washington Avenue Bridge when I saw this:

I feel very sad for them. If only they had Ohno Satoshi to teach them a few things. 
Then it would say this:

Meat Pies or Sparkles?

 Soooo this day was going pretty well. I managed to get a decent amount of sleep so I wasn't even that tired. And I kinda rocked my bio midterm (though there was an unusual amount of questions that had D for an answer, like srsly almost half the test...i think my prof is trying to freak me out. it's working).

But then...then, the hormones started to kick in and suddenly EVERYTHING was bothering me. And while I do have things that are on my mind and worrying me (mother and money issues...really frustrating roommate friend troubles...some job things...health worries concerning one of my other friends), I still shouldn't have been that upset. I was letting the littlest thing get to me, even though I knew I shouldn't be. Plus I called my mom which is never a good idea when I'm in that kind of mood.

Anyway, I had coffee with my dad and he continues to be a great person. And I ended up having a really good chat with Kate that made me feel better about some things. And I told those hormones to shut down and calm the fuck up. Life is back to being peachy keen jelly bean (for the most part anyway.).

Now I'm just trying to decide if it's a Sweeney Todd kind of night or a gay, rainbow, sparkly boyband kind of night...

How about both?

(Shush I know my photoshop skills suck...it's okay. I'm a doctor SHUSH)

But you know that given the chance Nino would slit throats. And Ohno could serve them in his bakery as meat pies, although Nino would probably trick Ohno so he didn't know that it was human meat.

P.S. my dad just called me to just tell me that he loved me. WHY IS HE SUCH A GREAT PERSON? <3333

Yes, I am happy.

 So I'm not sure if it is due to the large amounts of caffeine that I had today or just because my life is awesome but today I LOVE EVERYTHING.

I feel kind of like this:

This might partially be because I'm realizing how good of a decision it was for me to leave Carlson. Srsly.  I mean on the first day of classes, I was waiting for my environmental problem solving class to start and this girl sat down at the table. She pulled out a Desani waterbottle and turned to everyone at the table and said, "I have a disposable waterbottle today, but it's only because I was desparate and forgot my Camelback at home. Please don't judge me!!!" That's when I knew I was in the right place. THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ME :DDD 

This semester is definitely kicking last semester's ass in awesomeness. And the people in ESPM definitely kick the people in Carlson's asses in awesomeness. My professors are also filled with awesomeness.

So basically there's just a lot of awesomeness in my life right now :PP

Everyone Loves Sparkles


I've recently come to two conclusions:

1. If I were an animal, I would be a pink dolphin. Cuz if I were an animal, I'd have to be a pink one. 

I used to think I would be a pink flamingo, but dolphins are so much cooler.

2. Native Americans would love Arashi. They'd make great fans.

This week in American Indian Philosophies, Alex was telling us that they really like all things shiny and sparkly and that's why they were fascinated with Christianity when whites came and tried to convert them. Well, I can show them something that is sparkly and shiny and WAY better than Christianity:


And that also means that GANTZ IS ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY. which deserves an even bigger YOOOOOOOOOOOY.
And then a week after that, the new concert dvd comes out. I just don't even know how to handle all of the excitement.

Seriously though, speaking of birthdays, my 19th year ended up being a pretty great one. Although people say it all the time, I never really realized just how much can happen in a year. A year ago, I didn't necessarily have that much to look forward to, besides classes, work, and summer. But then this year kinda changed my life. I ended up going to Florida with my mom and sister...I got an internship, and then failed at it...I somehow convinced my mom to let me go across the country to Madison the world to Japan which turned out to be seriously THE BEST WEEK EVER...I decided to change majors and colleges...and I met some seriously awesome people along the way. (Oh and I fell in love with this super sparkly, gay boyband that's made of rainbows :P) I hope that this next year ends up being just as great. It has a lot to live up to though XD

PS I found out today that my step-brother-in-law (my step-sister's husband) is one AWESOME dude. Here's why:
-He desperately wants to go to Akihabara to hang out with all the otaku.
-He heard about this boyband that was in a bunch of Nintendo DS commercials. One of the members was apparently in a Clint Eastwood movie. (He might even check out some of there music after I highly recommended it XD)
-He's secretly a Perfume fan (but shhhhh don't tell anyone).
-He doesn't understand why AKB48 has so many members. 
-He thinks Gackt is strange but also kinda cool.


Those crazy kids...

Read: "Kids are supposed to come home right after finals, not take a trip with friends across the country."
Understand: My mother said this in response to the planned Madison trip this weekend.
Lol: Real hard.

Yes, like that boys.

Also, I'm pretty sure that she is planning on literally welcoming Jesus into our home this Christmas because apparently two days is not enough to wrap presents and prepare for Christmas. I have no idea what sort of preparations are needed for Christmas, but I'm a little worried.

oh my goosepoop

i registered for classes about a week ago. AND OH MY GOOSEPOOP. I AM SO ESSITED FOR NEXT SEMESTER.

no carlson classes. a poli sci class. american indian philosophies. and two environmental classes. (plus bio and public speaking :/ but oh well). soooo. muuuuuuch. wiiiiiiiiin. i don't think i have ever been this excited for a semester. i've never actually looked forward to a majority of my classes. sure there were a couple of classes that i enjoyed but that was one a semester if i was lucky. BUT NOW. NOWWWW. i am essited for FOUR of my classes. WUT?! THAT'S POSSIBLE?!?! 

i still haven't mentioned anything to my carlson advisor about this whole transferring thing. oops. i wonder how long it'll be before i get an email asking about my schedule and the lack of i-core. maybe she won't even notice. i have kind of been wondering if she's just been waiting for it to happen...

this semester can be over any day now. kthx.