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Oy with the poodles already!

19 January
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Oh hey there! Name's Aimee. Put 'er there.

A little bit about me. Currently, I am a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I'm majoring in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (yes I'm one of those treehuggers :P). I'm planning on going to law school eventually, though probably not immediately after undergrad. I'm hoping to join the Peace Corps for a couple of years or spend some time overseas somewhere, probably Japan (or both), as well as hopefully get a little work (and $$$) under my belt.

Now enough with all that serious stuff and onto the sparkles which is the whole reason I got this journal. I'm third or fourth in a line of dominoes to fall into the Arashi fandom, thanks to months of forcibly being fed countless PVs, songs, and variety shows. I mean really, you can only resist the rainbows and sparkles for so long. And now I am 100% completely addicted to the crack and I wouldn't have it any other way ♥

Other things among my interests are Jason Mraz (lovelovelove), movies and tv shows (I have a ridiculously large collection of dvds...I get addicted way too easily), and photography (I'm really not very good but I still have fun playing with my camera).

I kinda tend to creep and am somewhat bad at commenting(though I'm slowly working on changing that), but if you'd think we have something in common or would get along well feel free to add me. Maybe PM or comment somewhere first though so I can learn a little about you too :]

PS zonbiushi and I started a comm (gay_a_day) so if you're interested in more of the sparkles and less of the personal crap, go check it out! (NEESAN DO IT) We can occasionally be funny but we make sure to provide lots of boytouching to make up for when we're not XD